*taptaptap* Is this thing still on?

So, yeah, I suck.


I’ve been away far too long and really fell apart for a while.  I am climbing back on that horse though, and going to do my best to stay on it this time.


I’ve had a gym membership I haven’t used for almost a year.  I got laid off, depression added to my girth in a big bad way and a myriad of other personal issues kept me home, away from the gym, and wanting to eat cake and hide from the world.  But I am going to turn that around. I am going to eat better, get back in the gym and maybe even get around to that podcast I keep threatening all of you with.   Hopefully someone still looks at this and will support me and help keep me accountable.

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Trainer Files – Week 4

So I missed my Monday workout. I was at death’s door, completely out of commission, and I ingested a large amount of Nyquil and vitamin C and subsequently slept for about 16-18 hours.

I did however go to the gym last night, and I loved the workout, even if my arms are killing me today.  I made the mistake of saying something wasn’t heavy enough, so I got a lot of extra weight.

Looking forward to cardio today and a nice quiet night at home with the Fiancee and some post-workout TV since the Wings aren’t playing tonight. 🙂



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Update on the Podcast – Call for Co-Hosts

So, I discovered something about myself.  If left to my own devices without someone keeping me in check, I will ramble and go off on tangents and lose track of EVERYTHING I am trying to do.  So I need a co-host. I know my fiancee will be interested, but I would also like to have others involved, so if you have any awesome success stories about fitness, weight loss, or just want to talk to a fat guy on the internets for an hour, let me know!

Email is always read at fatman@fatmantocaveman.com, so send me your ideas, pleas for help, etc.




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The Trainer Files, Week 3.

So I am overall pretty happy with the work we are doing. I hate the leg presses and squats, but I am able to work a little harder.   Jerome knows my limits now and is pushing me a little more each time, and I can really feel the difference.  I am not as sore the day after but I definitely feel that prolonged burn.   My diet soda embargo has gone well, it has now been over a month since my last Coke Zero, and I have substituted the occasional Vitamin Water Zero when I need something to squash that craving.

Today is a cardio day, so I will be hitting the bike for my hour, it seems to give me a better workout than the treadmill and my heel is almost healed so I don’t want to open that up again. Yesterday was Leg Day, so I did a lot of squats, leg presses, and calf extensions. Mixed in some upper body work too, shoulders and biceps.

My eating has been amazingly spot on. I hated the bloated feeling I got from the chinese food this weekend, so I am being exceedingly careful about my sodium intake.  Thankfully the recipes I have downloaded are easily adaptable.

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Monday again? Already?

What happened to the weekend? It was just here a minute ago.

So, I made some poor dietary choices,  but the dumplings were good.  I feel like I have been retaining water all weekend since there was about elevnty billion grams of sodium in the chinese food.   I was close to my calorie limit, and I was down about 3 pounds this morning from last monday but I’m sure I’m holding on to about 5 pounds of water.   So I’m upping my water intake today and trying to flush all that out. I am thanking Cthulu that I went in Saturday for the extra day of cardio.

I made an effort at the Podcast as well, but for one thing, it felt weird talking alone.  So I think I will have the Fiancee sit in on my next recording session, and maybe we can even record together to discuss our weight loss.  I got about 26 minutes of disjointed rambling in before I killed it.  I had an outline but didn’t really stick to it and went off on tangents, so I think I need to follow that more.

Attempt #2 will come likely this week. once I figure out how to multi-track in Audacity to insert some of the royalty free music I downloaded.

I also still need a logo! Any artistic folks out there want to submit something, I need it in 1400×1400 to submit to the iTunes store, you will have my eternal gratitude and a shout out on the podcast including anything you want me to plug for you. 🙂

Back with the trainer tonight, Jerome is a good guy, and is really pleased with my progress.  I believe today is upper body day, so this may be the last thing I type for a few days. 🙂

Thanks again for all of your support.  You guys mean a lot to me, and I love the fact that I hear things like “I read the blog all the time” and that I am also helping to inspire others.

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Halloween Aftermath.

So overall I think I did good.  I engaged in the family tradition of my fiancee and had a halloween dinner of hot dogs by candlelight with the kids, and while I did go over my calories for the day, we walked a LOT with the kids and I am still under my calorie goals for the week.  Back to the gym today for my rescheduled back and core day, and I think I will sneak out saturday morning for my cardio that I missed yesterday to keep up my 5 day schedule for the gym.  The kids candy stayed here, so they are trusting me to stay out of it, which I will, as opposed to past years where I would, oh, eat a bunch of it, then go buy clearance candy, eat that too, go buy more and replace what I took from them.

It wasn’t pretty.

So I am confident I will see some scale movement on Monday, as well as a change in measurements, but we shall see.

Podcast recording was delayed, but I think I may do it tonight, and tomorrow night there may be a recording of the Weddingocalypse Podcast with myself and my fiancee discussing the pitfalls of wedding planning and our life in general.  Think of it as Plus One, only with a fat guy who never made Clerks and a woman who never worked for USA Today.


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An interesting point about weight loss and old clothes.

Around 2,000 years ago, Julius Caesar and his naval armada set out to conquer England. England was a great distance from Rome and the Celts were skillful and aggressive soldiers. The Roman ships held a finite number of soldiers, yet there were hundreds and thousands of the enemy. In addition, if Caesar and his men planned to retreat, they would have to sail back across the channel, cut off from relief or additional supplies. As the Roman ships drew near the coast, the enemy could be seen lining the Cliffs of Dover, eagerly awaiting battle.

Caesar is said to have directed the ships away from the cliffs, and after a valiant effort, the Romans established a beachhead, though one entirely surrounded by Celtic soldiers. According to legend, Caesar then made an incredibly daring move. He knew his men were tired and he questioned their commitment and resolve. As long as the Roman ships remained along the coast, there would be thoughts of retreat. Caesar ordered the ships to be burned. This way, there would be no escape, no retreat. If the Roman soldiers were going to be pushed back, it would be into the sea, and thus to be pushed back would be to perish. Caesar needed commitment from every one of his soldiers and he needed them to realize that defeat was not an option. They had come to conquer – and stay.

What does this have to do with weight loss?


Once you lose the weight, they go.  No falling back, no “fat pants”. It took me a while to finally release my hold on my Hobo Rodeo Clown Pants. ((C) Kevin Smith) But once I did, I never looked back. So follow in the footsteps of the Romans, conquer your fat and burn the fat clothes. No surrender.


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The Trainer Files, Week 2: Leg Day and Podcast Update

So we tried some new things yesterday,  squats in the rack and also on a machine. And some extensions to stretch out my hamstrings and some upper body movements as well, mostly light weights with a lot of reps.  15 pounds gets heavy after a few sets.

Overall I’m not sore, but there is a very distinct burn in my arms and legs, which leads me to believe that something good is happening. Or I am just getting used to the punishment. 🙂

He also took some pictures of me to put in an album they are doing at the gym to document my weight loss and fitness, which I am excited about as well.

Recording the podcast tonight,  so now is your last chance to send any questions to fatman@fatmantocaveman.com Once I edit it and get over the soul-crushing anxiety to post it, it should be up by Friday, with iTunes coming not far behind.  Also if anyone with some art chops wants to kick in a logo for me to put on the Facebook site and for the iTunes listing, send those along as well to fatman@fatmantocaveman.com


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The Trainer Files: Week 2 of 52.

Upper body day.  He pushed me pretty hard, did some good lifting, and I am definitely feeling it today. Not sore but a definite low burn in my arms and shoulders.  Other than that we did some core work, and I am pretty happy with how I am doing on that.  I was able to do about 40 sit ups before my abs started cramping hard on me, but it went away quickly, not like before where it would hurt for an hour or 2 afterward.  So I can definitely tell I am getting more used to the movements.  Today is Leg Day, so I need to be ready for that.  Then I get 2 days of cardio, then Friday is “Complex Movement” day, where it’s a more overall workout. Normally it’s Thursday but since I am taking the kids Trick or Treating that day, so I will be grabbing an early workout, or hitting the gym on Saturday to keep my 5 day schedule.

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One goes up, the other down.

Once again, my body is a strange and confusing place.

Scale moves up.

Tape measure moves down.

I’m guessing it’s either water retention or a tiny amount of extra muscle.  Guess we shall see since I’m  not sure just how much muscle I could have put on in a week.



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