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*taptaptap* Is this thing still on?

So, yeah, I suck.   I’ve been away far too long and really fell apart for a while.  I am climbing back on that horse though, and going to do my best to stay on it this time.   I’ve … Continue reading

Trainer Files – Week 4

So I missed my Monday workout. I was at death’s door, completely out of commission, and I ingested a large amount of Nyquil and vitamin C and subsequently slept for about 16-18 hours. I did however go to the gym … Continue reading

Update on the Podcast – Call for Co-Hosts

So, I discovered something about myself.  If left to my own devices without someone keeping me in check, I will ramble and go off on tangents and lose track of EVERYTHING I am trying to do.  So I need a … Continue reading

The Trainer Files, Week 3.

So I am overall pretty happy with the work we are doing. I hate the leg presses and squats, but I am able to work a little harder.   Jerome knows my limits now and is pushing me a little … Continue reading

Monday again? Already?

What happened to the weekend? It was just here a minute ago. So, I made some poor dietary choices,  but the dumplings were good.  I feel like I have been retaining water all weekend since there was about elevnty billion … Continue reading

Halloween Aftermath.

So overall I think I did good.  I engaged in the family tradition of my fiancee and had a halloween dinner of hot dogs by candlelight with the kids, and while I did go over my calories for the day, … Continue reading

An interesting point about weight loss and old clothes.

Around 2,000 years ago, Julius Caesar and his naval armada set out to conquer England. England was a great distance from Rome and the Celts were skillful and aggressive soldiers. The Roman ships held a finite number of soldiers, yet … Continue reading

The Trainer Files, Week 2: Leg Day and Podcast Update

So we tried some new things yesterday,  squats in the rack and also on a machine. And some extensions to stretch out my hamstrings and some upper body movements as well, mostly light weights with a lot of reps.  15 … Continue reading

The Trainer Files: Week 2 of 52.

Upper body day.  He pushed me pretty hard, did some good lifting, and I am definitely feeling it today. Not sore but a definite low burn in my arms and shoulders.  Other than that we did some core work, and … Continue reading

One goes up, the other down.

Once again, my body is a strange and confusing place. Scale moves up. Tape measure moves down. I’m guessing it’s either water retention or a tiny amount of extra muscle.  Guess we shall see since I’m  not sure just how … Continue reading