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Nerd Fitness..

So I had looked at this site in the past and I think it will be good for me now.. It’s all  body weight workouts, nothing I need a gym for, but I will need weights again for the … Continue reading

Not on FB? Get your updates via Twitter now!

You can get updates on Twitter by following @FM2CM and every time I update the blog, you’ll see a tweet!  

My fears are confirmed.

509 lbs. I really am incredibly disappointed with myself. I am back on the straight and narrow, and I am moving forward.

So we’re playing the Social Media game.

I’ve created a Facebook fan page for FM2CM, hoping that we can generate some more buzz about the site, which will help keep me motivated and keep the scale trending down.. So PLEASE like the fanpage, and subscribe at … Continue reading


I send a support request to Dreamhost since the domain was inaccessible and it comes back right after I send the ticket in. 🙁 Sorry guys! Thanks for all the great work you do!  

Kind of a sad day.

Got a message on FB from my cousin last night.. I’ve started to reconnect with my Dad’s family through Facebook, and I was invited to a graduation party later this month, which I unfortunately will not be able to attend.. … Continue reading

And Happy Birthday to me!

Holy fuck I’m old.