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So today I was down 2 pounds, so I’m guessing I was retaining a bit of water from this weekend and the wings and diet soda I had at the tilted kilt. Made some trail mix from organic unsulphered dried … Continue reading

Yeah, there’s no veggies but I don’t care. :)

Flat Iron steak and pan seared scallops. I definitely need a cast iron pan for seafood.

So what do you want to see me make?

I want to make my first video soon, what would ya’ll like to see me prepare?  The spicy pork lettuce wraps?  Making your own Paleo Mayo?  Give me some ideas 🙂  

Almond Flour Tilapia

 So I tried this last night, to see how it would work, and it came out amazingly well. Almond Flour Tilapia 1-2 Tilapia filets Olive Oil Coconut Oil Almond meal/Almond flour Salt and pepper to taste. Prepare the filets by … Continue reading

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

So one of the staples I live on are sprouts.  I love ’em. I’ve tried them steamed, fried, all kinds of ways but this is by far my favorite. Roasted Brussels Sprouts. 1lb fresh (NOT Frozen) sprouts. Olive Oil Sea … Continue reading