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Trainer Files – Week 4

So I missed my Monday workout. I was at death’s door, completely out of commission, and I ingested a large amount of Nyquil and vitamin C and subsequently slept for about 16-18 hours. I did however go to the gym … Continue reading

The Trainer Files, Week 3.

So I am overall pretty happy with the work we are doing. I hate the leg presses and squats, but I am able to work a little harder.   Jerome knows my limits now and is pushing me a little … Continue reading

Monday again? Already?

What happened to the weekend? It was just here a minute ago. So, I made some poor dietary choices,  but the dumplings were good.  I feel like I have been retaining water all weekend since there was about elevnty billion … Continue reading

The Trainer Files, Week 2: Leg Day and Podcast Update

So we tried some new things yesterday,  squats in the rack and also on a machine. And some extensions to stretch out my hamstrings and some upper body movements as well, mostly light weights with a lot of reps.  15 … Continue reading

The Trainer Files: Week 2 of 52.

Upper body day.  He pushed me pretty hard, did some good lifting, and I am definitely feeling it today. Not sore but a definite low burn in my arms and shoulders.  Other than that we did some core work, and … Continue reading

Leg Day Post Mortem.

Not too bad actually. I figured I’d be sore after doing squats with an extra 100lbs on my shoulders, leg presses, and various other movements.  The trainer moved more rapidly, less resting between movements.  We usually did 30-60 minute rests … Continue reading

Rest day! Oh wait, I was still at the gym.

So, I hit the treadmill last night for an hour. Worked through a lot of the muscle soreness and feeling pretty good about everything right now.  Weighed in at 483 this morning, so that’s another 6 pounds down this past … Continue reading

Day Two, Post Trainer and Random Musings on loss.

I hate him. With every fiber of my being. My legs, arms and shoulders are all screaming out in agony. That means he’s doing a good job. 🙂 But honestly I think he’s a great trainer, very encouraging and definitely … Continue reading

Day one, Post-Trainer.

Surprisingly enough, I don’t hurt that bad.  We did some KB Swings, Squats, Seated Row, Dumbbell flys, crunches and other things finished off with some cardio, so I feel pretty good.  I go back again today for some more abuse … Continue reading

Dietary changes and Workouts..

So, I was stalled for several days at 450. then 452, then 450, then 449, then 450 again.  I need to mix it up a bit so I’m going back down the low carb highway to break this stall, then … Continue reading