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Update on the Podcast – Call for Co-Hosts

So, I discovered something about myself.  If left to my own devices without someone keeping me in check, I will ramble and go off on tangents and lose track of EVERYTHING I am trying to do.  So I need a … Continue reading

Monday again? Already?

What happened to the weekend? It was just here a minute ago. So, I made some poor dietary choices,  but the dumplings were good.  I feel like I have been retaining water all weekend since there was about elevnty billion … Continue reading

Halloween Aftermath.

So overall I think I did good.  I engaged in the family tradition of my fiancee and had a halloween dinner of hot dogs by candlelight with the kids, and while I did go over my calories for the day, … Continue reading

The Trainer Files, Week 2: Leg Day and Podcast Update

So we tried some new things yesterday,  squats in the rack and also on a machine. And some extensions to stretch out my hamstrings and some upper body movements as well, mostly light weights with a lot of reps.  15 … Continue reading

Questions for the Fat Man.

Since I will be recording this week, if any of you have questions for me about my workouts, eating, shoe size, or other general miscellany, feel free to email them to me at and should any of you have … Continue reading

The podcast is coming.

“Stories from the FatCave” Episode 0, the super-secret origin with 3 variant covers, will be coming by the end of this coming week.  Fans of Kevin Smith will be familiar with this format, a guy in his 40’s talks about … Continue reading