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WoD 1, Me 0.

So I couldnt finish the workout t0day.  The warmup got me going, and the stretches helped my arms not be sore, but after 4 sets of ring pulls and front squats with a bar and 2 10lb plates, my knee … Continue reading

Today’s Crossfit WoD.

Seven rounds for time of: 165 pound Front squat, 7 reps 7 Chest-to-bar pull-ups Lets see. Can I squat 165? Maybe. 7 times? Nope. Pull-ups? Uhm, no. unless I want to dislocate both my shoulders. So I’m guessing the scaled … Continue reading

Scale, meet window.

So, I always used to tell myself, why do I bother with a scale? I’ll gauge my loss by how my clothes fit and how I feel.. Then I decided that I needed a scale, so I got one, but … Continue reading

So what do you want to see me make?

I want to make my first video soon, what would ya’ll like to see me prepare?  The spicy pork lettuce wraps?  Making your own Paleo Mayo?  Give me some ideas 🙂  

Salt intake, fruits, and the glycemic index.

So, I think I’ve been eating way too much salt.  I noticed that I was retaining water in my legs again, so I think I need to seriously re-evaluate how much salt I am taking in over the course of … Continue reading

Hoooooooooly shit.

Ok, once again, Crossfit is NO FSCKING JOKE. I did my first WOD, and thankfully Nate cut it down, I did managed to press 115lbs overhead and did the “optional” afterburner workout which was modified to suit my level.  First … Continue reading

A bit of a rant..

So, I try to be good, I try really hard to not eat anything outside of the Paleo lifestyle.. I go to lunch today to Publix to get a greek salad.  Ok, it has feta cheese on it, not paleo, … Continue reading

511 This morning.

So after a weekend of the scale bouncing between 516 and 518 I wake up and today it says 511.8.  I’ll take it. 🙂 That bring my current total lost to… 90.2 pounds! Here’s to hoping I can break 100 … Continue reading

Kids: Nature’s way of testing your Willpower.

So tonight the kids tested me, and I passed. We ordered a pizza from Papa Johns, and I sat there and at my roasted zucchini and fresh turkey sausage and did not even sneak one piece, as much as Abby … Continue reading


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