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So the scale is up a little bit again today.. kind of discouraged but not letting it get to me. Had a great workout last night at Crossfit, and I learned that Overhead Squats serve no purpose other than causing … Continue reading


So after the car accident, and being sick, I took a weekend off the diet.  Not a single dietary fuck was given. Total damage? 3 pounds. Not bad.  back at the gym this morning for cardio and will be hitting … Continue reading

I’m still here.. :)

Just very very sick.  Got some variant of the flu and I have been miserable along with the other personal issues I’ve had with my car accident.  I havent strayed off the path with my eating.  As much as I … Continue reading


So today, for the first time since probably 2005, I am under 500 lbs. 499.8 post-workout.  It’s .2 pounds but fuck it, I’ll take it. Thats 102.2 lost now kids!

My food diary and video journal..

I apologize for being a little lax over the last couple days with my fitday food diary, I was pretty out of it yesterday after the car accident on my way into work (PLEASE DONT TOTAL MY TAHOE PROGRESSIVE!) But … Continue reading

As of 2/14/12..

I weighed in after my hour of morning cardio at 500.8 lbs. This gives me a total loss since 11/1/10 of 101.2 pounds. I think I’m gonna cry. 🙂  


So post-workout I weighed myself, I was down to 503.4.. It’s hard to believe I’m 1.4 pounds away from losing 100lbs.  It seems kind of surreal.  Packed my lunch for today, Paleo meatballs with roasted sprouts, some baby carrots, an … Continue reading

Another weekend down with the kids..

Had a good productive weekend with the kids. Down another 2 pounds since Friday. Went to the farmers market with the kids and my friend Jess and we had a great day. Looking forward to getting back to the 6am … Continue reading

So yesterday..

I did 50 squats and my knee started to give out again.  I was doing them for form rather than with any weight, so it wasnt that bad, but it still annoys me that my knees are not cooperating.  Got … Continue reading

Today’s WoD

Rest Day or Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3 -then- (5 rounds) 12 Power Snatches, 75/53 Run 200 meters We’ll see how I do on these, I HATE squats though.