Monthly Archives: April 2012

480, Motherfucker!

Down 122 pounds as of today.   FUCK. YEAH. 🙂


It’s always nice when you find a new source of motivation.  A new reason to do what I do.  A new reason to work just that much harder. More details available later. 🙂  

WOD for 4/18/12

Run 800 meters 10 rounds of the couplet: (yes, that means 100 reps of each, kids!) Pull-up, 10 reps Ring dip, 10 reps Run 800 meters I may die. Please pray for the soul I don’t believe I have. 🙂 … Continue reading

Clean and Jerk.

First, get your mind out of the gutter. Second, I was able to C&J 185lbs.  That was just incredible to me, thats the most weight I’ve ever got up over my head. TWICE. Nate was telling me I’m a lot … Continue reading

So, yeah, I’m a slacker.

I kind of left this to sit and flounder a bit.  Had a lot going on, personally and otherwise.  Had to deal with someone walking out of my life (again, and for the last time.) and took the kids up … Continue reading