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450. For a WEEK now. Scale has not moved more than a half a pound each way.   Getting frustrated. I know my workout schedule has been fractured since I have been trying to balance Cavegirl time with gym time, … Continue reading

Testing a new facebook plugin for WordPress..

Hopefully this doesn’t get too spammy on my timeline.. Trying this out, please forgive me if it gets bad 🙂

Dietary changes and Workouts..

So, I was stalled for several days at 450. then 452, then 450, then 449, then 450 again.  I need to mix it up a bit so I’m going back down the low carb highway to break this stall, then … Continue reading

Today’s WoD

12 rounds for time of: 45 pound Dumbbell hang squat clean, 10 reps 6 Handstand push-ups on dumbbells Actually doesnt look too bad. Looking forward to it.  

I have finally decided on my goal weight celebration.

2 weeks in the UK. Hopefully next spring. Looks like a ticket from ATL to LON is going to be about $900 which isnt bad.. I can book the flight and start lining up friends to stay with in London. … Continue reading

Welcome to the 440’s kids.

Hit 449 today. looking forward to a good workout at Crossfit and a productive day at work.

Good Enough, v2.0.

Last night was a very very bad night for me. After Cavegirl went to bed,  I was in my bedroom.  I passed by the mirror as I often do and I stopped to look at myself. Is was less “How … Continue reading

Oh yeah, today’s WoD.

No. What? Just.. No. My back still hurts from those fucking deadlifts, and I saw the WoD and NO. Oh fine.. But it’s only a 1 mile run. Yeah, then row 2k. then run 1 mile.  Fuck every last bit … Continue reading

So, uhm, guess I’m smaller than I thought.

I get up this morning, shower, typical day. Get ready for work. No clean polo shirts, crap. Oh wait, I see one. It’s still in the bag.. The 3x OPNET polo shirt I got from work.. But.. I wear a … Continue reading

I did it. I really did it!!

150 pounds GONE, Forever. Like the combined weight of both my children and then some. So I Still have a 180 pound road ahead of me, but strangely enough, that doesnt seem so bad now. It’s not as daunting as … Continue reading