Monthly Archives: July 2012


So the weight is coming off a little more slowly with the lack of workouts, but its still coming off..  443.6 this morning, so I’ll be out of the 440’s this week. Very exciting to me.

Stall is officially broken!

Guess I just needed to change up the diet a bit then back to normal. 448 this morning, so, I’m finally back down in the 440’s after weighing in at 452 yesterday.. Now let’s keep the downward trend going!

Time to get back on my schedule…

So I’ve got 4 weeks until Cavegirl goes back home to her mom, I need to get back on my cardio and crossfit schedule because I’m pretty sure some of this extra weight isnt all water.  I need a serious … Continue reading

I am reasonably sure that my scale hates me..

So, yeah, the scale went from moving up and down .5 pounds to moving up.  Like 5 pounds. In one day. I know its likely water, but it still pisses me off..  

So we’re playing the Social Media game.

I’ve created a Facebook fan page for FM2CM, hoping that we can generate some more buzz about the site, which will help keep me motivated and keep the scale trending down.. So PLEASE like the fanpage, and subscribe at … Continue reading

I Am.. (An exercise in self motivation..)

I am smart. I am funny. I am kind. I am gentle. I am a good father. I am a good kisser. I am generous. I am… imperfect. I am lonely. I am emotional. I am needy. I am a … Continue reading