Monthly Archives: July 2013

Nerd Fitness..

So I had looked at this site in the past and I think it will be good for me now.. It’s all  body weight workouts, nothing I need a gym for, but I will need weights again for the … Continue reading

Monday Weigh In – 7/15/13

Here we go.. 506. So I’m down 3 pounds for the week, not too bad, I definitely need to get back into the gym, that will happen after we come back from Boston. 460 Days left. I can do this. … Continue reading

Flaky scales and wedding bells..

So, it was a pretty eventful weekend 🙂 I stayed mostly on track save for some birthday cake, and additional carbs from pad thai and dumplings.. Tried to do my monday weigh-in, and my scale was acting weird.  I was … Continue reading

Scale Obsession..

I have a problem.   I weigh myself WAY too much.   I obsess over that number on the scale..  I tell everyone else it doesn’t matter, but I go home and worry about what it will be when I … Continue reading

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Ingredients: Self Loathing, Depression, Laziness.

I’ve had a lot of time to think about how I got where I am, and I think it all boiled down to this:   In today’s society, it’s cheaper (in some cases) and easier to be fat.   We … Continue reading

My fears are confirmed.

509 lbs. I really am incredibly disappointed with myself. I am back on the straight and narrow, and I am moving forward.

I get knocked down, but I get up again..

It’s Chumbawunba day at FM2CM!   No, no, not really.   So, where have I been.. good question.   I have moved out of my awesomely bad apartment , I am now living with my girlfriend, and I have had … Continue reading