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An interesting point about weight loss and old clothes.

Around 2,000 years ago, Julius Caesar and his naval armada set out to conquer England. England was a great distance from Rome and the Celts were skillful and aggressive soldiers. The Roman ships held a finite number of soldiers, yet … Continue reading

The Trainer Files, Week 2: Leg Day and Podcast Update

So we tried some new things yesterday,  squats in the rack and also on a machine. And some extensions to stretch out my hamstrings and some upper body movements as well, mostly light weights with a lot of reps.  15 … Continue reading

The Trainer Files: Week 2 of 52.

Upper body day.  He pushed me pretty hard, did some good lifting, and I am definitely feeling it today. Not sore but a definite low burn in my arms and shoulders.  Other than that we did some core work, and … Continue reading

One goes up, the other down.

Once again, my body is a strange and confusing place. Scale moves up. Tape measure moves down. I’m guessing it’s either water retention or a tiny amount of extra muscle.  Guess we shall see since I’m  not sure just how … Continue reading

Questions for the Fat Man.

Since I will be recording this week, if any of you have questions for me about my workouts, eating, shoe size, or other general miscellany, feel free to email them to me at and should any of you have … Continue reading

The podcast is coming.

“Stories from the FatCave” Episode 0, the super-secret origin with 3 variant covers, will be coming by the end of this coming week.  Fans of Kevin Smith will be familiar with this format, a guy in his 40’s talks about … Continue reading

Social Cavemanbear.

I think I fixed the Facebook plugin to post to the FM2CM page when I update the blog.  Had a good night tonight. Went out for chinese food, which was well within my calorie limits but I am feeling a … Continue reading

Leg Day Post Mortem.

Not too bad actually. I figured I’d be sore after doing squats with an extra 100lbs on my shoulders, leg presses, and various other movements.  The trainer moved more rapidly, less resting between movements.  We usually did 30-60 minute rests … Continue reading

Rest day! Oh wait, I was still at the gym.

So, I hit the treadmill last night for an hour. Worked through a lot of the muscle soreness and feeling pretty good about everything right now.  Weighed in at 483 this morning, so that’s another 6 pounds down this past … Continue reading

Day Two, Post Trainer and Random Musings on loss.

I hate him. With every fiber of my being. My legs, arms and shoulders are all screaming out in agony. That means he’s doing a good job. 🙂 But honestly I think he’s a great trainer, very encouraging and definitely … Continue reading