Where, Oh Where has the Fat Man gone..

Where, Oh where could he beeeeee?

So, that whole Nerd Fitness idea, as usual, I made it to day 1 and gave up. I was stressed, anxious and lacking motivation and feeling generally miserable.  I went to the doctor a few weeks ago to get some help there and when I stepped on the scale it was scary. 522. I gained it all  back.  All my work was gone.  I can’t keep doing this.

I regrouped, and have been back in the gym. Last weigh in was 489 last week, wanted to weigh in today but the scale was MIA.   If I don’t get to weigh Wednesday, it will be when I go to the Doctor on Thursday. So in about 20 days I was down 33 pounds. I’m trying to keep the trend going.

Today I start with my personal trainer. As much as I loved the people at Crossfit, it was just too much, too soon. I needed to be in better shape and that wasn’t the way to get there.  I have been back at my 1hr Cardio 5x a week, so starting today it will be trainer + 30min cardio 3x a week and 1hr cardio 2x a week.

I got my protein powder, healthy snacks and good food, and I am ready to rock this. One year to get as close as I can to 300.   I can do this.  I cannot keep putting obstacles in my own way and setting myself back.  I will overcome this and be a strong, healthy person.


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