The Trainer Files: Week 2 of 52.

Upper body day.  He pushed me pretty hard, did some good lifting, and I am definitely feeling it today. Not sore but a definite low burn in my arms and shoulders.  Other than that we did some core work, and I am pretty happy with how I am doing on that.  I was able to do about 40 sit ups before my abs started cramping hard on me, but it went away quickly, not like before where it would hurt for an hour or 2 afterward.  So I can definitely tell I am getting more used to the movements.  Today is Leg Day, so I need to be ready for that.  Then I get 2 days of cardio, then Friday is “Complex Movement” day, where it’s a more overall workout. Normally it’s Thursday but since I am taking the kids Trick or Treating that day, so I will be grabbing an early workout, or hitting the gym on Saturday to keep my 5 day schedule.

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