The Trainer Files, Week 2: Leg Day and Podcast Update

So we tried some new things yesterday,  squats in the rack and also on a machine. And some extensions to stretch out my hamstrings and some upper body movements as well, mostly light weights with a lot of reps.  15 pounds gets heavy after a few sets.

Overall I’m not sore, but there is a very distinct burn in my arms and legs, which leads me to believe that something good is happening. Or I am just getting used to the punishment. 🙂

He also took some pictures of me to put in an album they are doing at the gym to document my weight loss and fitness, which I am excited about as well.

Recording the podcast tonight,  so now is your last chance to send any questions to Once I edit it and get over the soul-crushing anxiety to post it, it should be up by Friday, with iTunes coming not far behind.  Also if anyone with some art chops wants to kick in a logo for me to put on the Facebook site and for the iTunes listing, send those along as well to


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