Halloween Aftermath.

So overall I think I did good.  I engaged in the family tradition of my fiancee and had a halloween dinner of hot dogs by candlelight with the kids, and while I did go over my calories for the day, we walked a LOT with the kids and I am still under my calorie goals for the week.  Back to the gym today for my rescheduled back and core day, and I think I will sneak out saturday morning for my cardio that I missed yesterday to keep up my 5 day schedule for the gym.  The kids candy stayed here, so they are trusting me to stay out of it, which I will, as opposed to past years where I would, oh, eat a bunch of it, then go buy clearance candy, eat that too, go buy more and replace what I took from them.

It wasn’t pretty.

So I am confident I will see some scale movement on Monday, as well as a change in measurements, but we shall see.

Podcast recording was delayed, but I think I may do it tonight, and tomorrow night there may be a recording of the Weddingocalypse Podcast with myself and my fiancee discussing the pitfalls of wedding planning and our life in general.  Think of it as Plus One, only with a fat guy who never made Clerks and a woman who never worked for USA Today.


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