Monday again? Already?

What happened to the weekend? It was just here a minute ago.

So, I made some poor dietary choices,  but the dumplings were good.  I feel like I have been retaining water all weekend since there was about elevnty billion grams of sodium in the chinese food.   I was close to my calorie limit, and I was down about 3 pounds this morning from last monday but I’m sure I’m holding on to about 5 pounds of water.   So I’m upping my water intake today and trying to flush all that out. I am thanking Cthulu that I went in Saturday for the extra day of cardio.

I made an effort at the Podcast as well, but for one thing, it felt weird talking alone.  So I think I will have the Fiancee sit in on my next recording session, and maybe we can even record together to discuss our weight loss.  I got about 26 minutes of disjointed rambling in before I killed it.  I had an outline but didn’t really stick to it and went off on tangents, so I think I need to follow that more.

Attempt #2 will come likely this week. once I figure out how to multi-track in Audacity to insert some of the royalty free music I downloaded.

I also still need a logo! Any artistic folks out there want to submit something, I need it in 1400×1400 to submit to the iTunes store, you will have my eternal gratitude and a shout out on the podcast including anything you want me to plug for you. 🙂

Back with the trainer tonight, Jerome is a good guy, and is really pleased with my progress.  I believe today is upper body day, so this may be the last thing I type for a few days. 🙂

Thanks again for all of your support.  You guys mean a lot to me, and I love the fact that I hear things like “I read the blog all the time” and that I am also helping to inspire others.

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