The Trainer Files, Week 3.

So I am overall pretty happy with the work we are doing. I hate the leg presses and squats, but I am able to work a little harder.   Jerome knows my limits now and is pushing me a little more each time, and I can really feel the difference.  I am not as sore the day after but I definitely feel that prolonged burn.   My diet soda embargo has gone well, it has now been over a month since my last Coke Zero, and I have substituted the occasional Vitamin Water Zero when I need something to squash that craving.

Today is a cardio day, so I will be hitting the bike for my hour, it seems to give me a better workout than the treadmill and my heel is almost healed so I don’t want to open that up again. Yesterday was Leg Day, so I did a lot of squats, leg presses, and calf extensions. Mixed in some upper body work too, shoulders and biceps.

My eating has been amazingly spot on. I hated the bloated feeling I got from the chinese food this weekend, so I am being exceedingly careful about my sodium intake.  Thankfully the recipes I have downloaded are easily adaptable.

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