Questions for the Fat Man.

Since I will be recording this week, if any of you have questions for me about my workouts, eating, shoe size, or other general miscellany, feel free to email them to me at and should any of you have something you want to know about me, I can answer it on the Podcast!


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The podcast is coming.

“Stories from the FatCave” Episode 0, the super-secret origin with 3 variant covers, will be coming by the end of this coming week.  Fans of Kevin Smith will be familiar with this format, a guy in his 40’s talks about what it was like growing up as a fat guy and how it has affected him and how he is now trying to change his life, without the help of a dachshund, but with a pair of pit bulls and 2 awesome kids.   There will be naughty words, and maybe some feels in there too, but overall, I’m hoping it will be motivational and humorous for those who are in same boat as I am and can relate to the struggles of being fat and wanting something more for themselves.  Possible appearances by The Fiancee, should she want to get on another podcast after recording our other idea, “Adventures in Planning a Wedding for the Apocalypse” which will be our “Plus One” style podcast where we talk about us, our life together and planning a wedding that can possibly bring about Armageddon or the rise of an Elder God or 3.

I will get them on iTunes, but the best place to get my podcast for the time being will be right here at FM2CM.

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Social Cavemanbear.

I think I fixed the Facebook plugin to post to the FM2CM page when I update the blog.  Had a good night tonight. Went out for chinese food, which was well within my calorie limits but I am feeling a little bloated. Probably way too much sodium. Can’t do that too often.  But we saw the SYTYCD tour in Atlanta, and that was a great show, even if we had nosebleed seats, and I missed being within like 10 feet of all the dancers as we were getting on the elevator, but the best part? I fit in the seat.  That hasn’t happened in a while, so I am amazingly happy about that. Now, being tall I did have some leg cramps, but thats to be expected when you are a giant in a world of average folk. 🙂

Back to the gym monday for week #2 of 52 with the trainer and more progress!

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Leg Day Post Mortem.

Not too bad actually. I figured I’d be sore after doing squats with an extra 100lbs on my shoulders, leg presses, and various other movements.  The trainer moved more rapidly, less resting between movements.  We usually did 30-60 minute rests but for a while it was rapid fire, but I kept up!

Even was able to get out to the gym over lunch today and do an hour on the recumbent bike, at a decent intensity.  Did about 12 miles on that and had my 2 scoop protein shake and bar waiting for me, and I feel that I have recovered well. 🙂

Going out to dinner tonight before the SYTYCD show at the Cobb Energy Center, so I am looking forward to some asian food and a good show!  Off from the gym for the weekend but we will have the kids with us, so I am pretty excited about that as well. 🙂

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Rest day! Oh wait, I was still at the gym.

So, I hit the treadmill last night for an hour. Worked through a lot of the muscle soreness and feeling pretty good about everything right now.  Weighed in at 483 this morning, so that’s another 6 pounds down this past week. I know that pace is not typical, but if I can keep it up I can hit my first mini-goal of 400lbs in about 14 weeks.  At the very least I’m excited about checking my measurements Monday to see how many inches I have lost as well and how much better the flight to the Bahamas will be in January if I can shrink a bit more 🙂


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Day Two, Post Trainer and Random Musings on loss.

I hate him. With every fiber of my being. My legs, arms and shoulders are all screaming out in agony.

That means he’s doing a good job. 🙂 But honestly I think he’s a great trainer, very encouraging and definitely works me hard.

So, I asked if we were going to do squats, thankfully he said no.  So we started off with some kettlebell swings and overhead presses and once I was nice and warmed up he started with “Are you familiar with thrusters?” So, knowing I hate squats, this is like a turbo squat. Oy. Bring the bar up to your chest, squat down, and as soon as you reach the bottom of the squat, you thrust upwards and push the bar over your head. Did a 15-10-5 of those, then we went to the dumbbell flys after I failed to do a push up.

Once we got those done, it was like a modified deadlift. Bring the bar up to a standing position, then lean forward so your back is flat and tight, then pull the bar up to your chest. another 15-10-5 then it was on the floor for some crunches. got through 40 before my abs cramped up again, but fought through another 20 to finish.

I did 15 mins on the treadmill to warm up, then finished with 20 on the bike.  Today is a “rest day” which basically means I only have to do cardio, which he suggested 30 on the bike and 30 on the treadmill.

Wasn’t able to weigh this morning, but the scale should be here sometime today so I can get an idea of where I am at, I know it won’t be totally accurate but it will give me an idea.  If not, I have a doctors appointment tomorrow at 11 so I can weigh in there.

Strangely enough, I’m not stressing as much about the weighing. I know I am getting smaller, my clothes are fitting better, I know there may not be movement in the scale due to muscle growth, etc, and I’m ok with that.  I know this isn’t going to happen overnight.  I’m not going to wake up tomorrow with a 6 pack abs, and again, I’m ok with that. This is for the long haul. I will need to maintain this for the rest of my life. I am doing this to be the best father I can be, to be there to walk Abby down the aisle at her wedding, to see my grandchildren, to do all the things my dad missed out on because of his weight and health.

My fiancee is perfectly happy with me as I am, and that makes a huge difference.  She just wants me to be happy with being me, and I am getting there, slowly but surely.

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Day one, Post-Trainer.

Surprisingly enough, I don’t hurt that bad.  We did some KB Swings, Squats, Seated Row, Dumbbell flys, crunches and other things finished off with some cardio, so I feel pretty good.  I go back again today for some more abuse and I am strangely looking forward to it.

My diet is pretty under control.  I have increased my protein intake and I’m eating 5 or 6 times a day, 3 meals, 3 snacks.  I rarely feel hungry and I am keeping myself a lot more busy to combat the boredom eating.

I didn’t get to weigh Monday, but I will be weighing in tomorrow to see how things have changed. measurements are down a bit so that is encouraging!


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Where, Oh Where has the Fat Man gone..

Where, Oh where could he beeeeee?

So, that whole Nerd Fitness idea, as usual, I made it to day 1 and gave up. I was stressed, anxious and lacking motivation and feeling generally miserable.  I went to the doctor a few weeks ago to get some help there and when I stepped on the scale it was scary. 522. I gained it all  back.  All my work was gone.  I can’t keep doing this.

I regrouped, and have been back in the gym. Last weigh in was 489 last week, wanted to weigh in today but the scale was MIA.   If I don’t get to weigh Wednesday, it will be when I go to the Doctor on Thursday. So in about 20 days I was down 33 pounds. I’m trying to keep the trend going.

Today I start with my personal trainer. As much as I loved the people at Crossfit, it was just too much, too soon. I needed to be in better shape and that wasn’t the way to get there.  I have been back at my 1hr Cardio 5x a week, so starting today it will be trainer + 30min cardio 3x a week and 1hr cardio 2x a week.

I got my protein powder, healthy snacks and good food, and I am ready to rock this. One year to get as close as I can to 300.   I can do this.  I cannot keep putting obstacles in my own way and setting myself back.  I will overcome this and be a strong, healthy person.


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Nerd Fitness..

So I had looked at this site in the past and I think it will be good for me now..

It’s all  body weight workouts, nothing I need a gym for, but I will need weights again for the rows. I’d say a 10lb or 20lb dumbbell.

I can do the incline pushups on the back of the sofa, squats in the same area and the rows I can do there also.

The planks can be done on the floor, and then maybe some cardio after on the patio with the jump rope, or on the elliptical in the studio.

I am going to commit to doing the Level 1 workout 5 days a week for 4 weeks, then the Level 2, etc until I am doing the Level 6 for 4 weeks.

Wish me luck!

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Monday Weigh In – 7/15/13

Here we go..


So I’m down 3 pounds for the week, not too bad, I definitely need to get back into the gym, that will happen after we come back from Boston.

460 Days left.

I can do this.


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